“Labos Nakties” – finest bedroom textiles manufactory


Meet the founder Daina: “My mother's experience was the start of this wonderful journey. I have been using and enjoying natural woolen products knitted by her. Thinking about how mother's handmade products are warmer than those purchased at the store has never crossed my mind. Even after removing the woolen blanket, you can still feel the warmth for a period of time. My children have been sleeping under my mother‘s homemade wool duvets for a couple of years. Finally, I have realized that I could share this warmth and woolen experience directly from the countryside with other people."

At that time Daina called her activity a laboratory of wool. In 2014, she offered her clients the first homemade wool-filled duvets named Labos Nakties (Good Night).

In order to receive compliments and positive feedback about the quality of our products, design, or packaging, we have been working really hard. We purchase our wool from the local farmers and wash it carefully using natural soap that does not contain any chemicals. When wool is processed like this, its hair keeps natural waviness and lanolin, which maintain the best wool properties. This kind of washing wool is time and energy-consuming work. However, we do not plan to look for an easier way in purchasing industrially treated wool. Doing so would lose sensation in the vision of sharing natural and real greetings from the countryside. We use great quality treated wool which we cover in cotton and create lightweight beddings. “Labos Nakties” products are packed into Home Made packages and shipped to your home anywhere in the world.

We have now added to our assortment softened linen. Linen is the oldest kind of textiles that was used by the Ancient Egyptians over eight thousand years ago. Linen was considered a sacred fabric used while praying, sacrificing, and mummifying Egyptian pharaohs. In the period of the Renaissance, linen was considered a sign of luxury – linen fabric and pure flax was used by aristocrats.

In order to create the highest sensation of comfort, linen has to be softened. Sleeping in natural linen bedding ensures the feeling of luxury, coziness, and quality rest. Furthermore, linen bedding is extremely easy to look after.

Nature provides us with wonderful gifts — we just need to appreciate them.


Philosophy of “Labos Nakties”

We share the coziness and warm experiences of our home that was accumulated in our family through the generations. Every moment spent together is cherished along with the value of goodness that is formed with a warming touch of the human hands.



 In the „Business Women’s Awards, 2016” awards organized by „BZN start“ women have been awarded the most innovative female boundaries by seven nominations. „Labos nakties“ founder Daina Zenkevičienė has been nominated as The young business solo of the year.