All our products are handmade and sewn personally, so even the smallest details can be implemented according to individual preferences. Linen products can make unique gifts, as we offer possibility to embroider sincere wish, loved ones name, a symbol of success, love message or the sentiment only you one know.

Natural materials

Linen - regarded in Europe as the best quality fabric because of its amazing properties. It is breathable, durable, insulates in the winter and cools in the summer. Depending on the weather and temperature, linen can retain water or repel it without feeling damp.

Wool features

Wool is naturally wavy, its threads are separate and insulated with air ensuring the fabric retains heat and that correct body temperatures can be maintained while sleeping. Wool retains its warmth, but does not overheat the body. Wool absorbs moisture but also allows it to evaporate. This is especially important during colder months since even the smallest amount of moisture cools the body. Synthetic fibres absorb an average 2% moisture, whilst wool fibre can absorb around 40% of its own weight in moisture without causing feelings of humidity. It is recommended to ventilate wool products in warm, dry environment or open air several times a year.


Although a lot of people are sensitive to wool, medical experts agree that real wool allergy is rare. People who think they're allergic to wool, in fact may react to products remaining after the "commercial" wool processing. For a long time the wool was not recommended for people with allergies, but now more and more state that naturally processed wool is hypoallergenic. Although wool allergies are rare, a lot of people shy away from wool because of allergies to dust mites. Dust mites multiply under certain conditions. They require moisture to survive, they cannot survive in extreme cold or heat. Meanwhile wool can absorb up to 40% of its weight in moisture and remains dry! It creates a dry microclimate and dust mites do not feed on wool. So natural, chemically intact wool is not suitable for dust mites to breed.

No chemicals

Wool for „Labos nakties“ comforters is hand-washed using only natural soap. When wool is processed like this, its hair keep natural waviness and lanolin, which maintains the best wool properties.

Linen – is one of the most environment-friendly fabrics. “Labos nakties” ("Good Night") production is made of fabrics, which are certified by OEKO-TEX. This certificate ensures that fabrics are high-quality, chemicals free and environment-friendly.

Made in Lithuania

"Labos nakties" bedding is handcrafted in Lithuania using Lithuanian sheep wool. Using Lithuanian products you are contributing to the economic growth in Lithuania.

What is so special about linen and how to care for linen products? More here

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