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Baby Swaddle Blanket

Dimensions - 31x31 inches (80x80cm), 39x39 inches (100x100cm)  
Fabric - softened 100% linen (Certified with OEKO-TEX)
Filling - 100% Lithuanian naturally processed sheep wool,
summer weight (~225 GSM), 
all seasons weight (~450 GSM), winter weight (~600 GSM)
Custom orders available


Wool - is insulated and keeps the body warm. It is able to absorb a lot of moisture without leaving the wearer with feelings of humidity!

Nature has created a wonderful gift - flax. Human handwork turned them into a unique fabric - linen. Accept this gift.

We will make product more unique by embroidering initials, good luck symbol, love note or a secret sentiment. This will make a special and memorable gift. 

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